I strongly believe that getting your makeup done is a very intimate process. It’s inviting someone else into your own bubble, it’s laying your face bare and accepting to be seen as you truly are. It’s ultimately about letting go.

As a makeup artist myself, I quickly realized that beyond technical abilities in makeup, women are looking for a human connection, an authentic exchange, and a real moment of shared happiness.

That’s the reason why I take the selection of my team members so seriously.

I travel around the Quebec and Ontario provinces to personally meet with each and every one of the makeup artists joining my team. During those meetings, I take the time to verify their technical proficiency and expertise in makeup (of course!), but it is also important for me to get to know the person behind the artist.


​I make it a priority that they not only share Muses’ vision and embody our values, but that there is also strong affinity between the two of us. I take pride in surrounding myself with exceptional artists, but most importantly, with quality women.

Since 2018, I have had the chance of working hand in hand with incredibly talented artists, and to develop and strengthen a growing network of partners who have also become close friends.

My team is my pride. Let me introduce you to them.




Senior team of Montreal


Senior team of Montreal


Senior team of Montreal


Senior team of Montreal


Senior team of Montreal


Our Montreal team is currently composed of more than a dozen artists!

Our growing network of makeup artists is continually enriched by the addition of many professionals. You can trust our Montreal team, you won’t be disappointed!



We offer our services in Quebec City Area since March of 2019. 


Our Quebec City team is simply amazing, and they will travel anywhere to help you look good on your big day. 

(Photos and profiles coming soon!)



We have been offering our services in Ottawa-Gatineau since July 2019. 

Our growing team is dedicated to providing you with a personalized and memorable experience for all your events. 

Our Ottawa team is looking forward to meeting you! 

(Photos and profiles coming soon!)



The Greater Toronto Area is the newest addition to the list of cities we serve.

Despite this very recent expansion, we have already created a strong Toronto team that is ready (and super stoked) to meet you.

Be one of our first muses in Toronto!

(Photos and profiles coming soon!)

Our vision: to become the North American leader in personalized beauty experiences.

What will be our next destination? Stay tuned!

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